Indian Cam Chat Traffic Surges As Bollywood Becomes Popular In The Western World

For many adult males in Europe and North America, Bollywood is the epitome of Indian cultures, Indian divas and everything else Indian. traffic recently increased and the owners attribute it directly to popularity of Bollywood movies., a chat portal that is known the world over for providing uninterrupted and uncensored Indian cam chat services, recently saw a huge surge in traffic. The owners of the Indian webcam chat portal made no bones about the fact that the recent surge in traffic is particularly attributable to the rise and growth of Bollywood , or the Indian motion picture industry, in the West. However, they maintained that their aggressive social media marketing policy also yielded desirable results, which is another factor that has worked in their favour.

“We have notice that one in every four new participant in our desi live sex community asks whether they can get to chat with Bollywood quality Indian cam divas. We found that our esteemed members were actually looking for girls who resemble Indian Bollywood divas, are good actors on camera and can talk nicely. So we focused on recruiting Indian webcam chat girls who can perfectly entertain our patrons. We must say that we owe a lot to the Bollywood as it indirectly helped us in gaining traction in the online adult entertainment niche”, said a marketing manager of the India based chat portal.

He also added that the chat portal has now categorized Indian webcam chat divas based on hair colour, eye colour, bust size and many other features that the potential patrons of the site would love to check out for narrowing down their search. The owners added that the onus is upon them to maintain the quality of the chat portal.

“Expectations on us are high and it’s good to see a lot of people joining our community to get the fun of Indian cam chat. However, we need to make sure that the patrons are not disappointed. It’s a great thing that people are actually joining the community in numbers and that the traffic is surging. However, we need to keep the pace alive and we need to stress on digital marketing to get many more patrons”, said the CEO and managing director of the online adult entertainment enterprise.

About the Company is a leading Indian cam chat portal. To know more, A Fantastic Read Indian Webcam Online Chat Traffic Surges As Bollywood Becomes Increasingly Popular Under Western Culture

Read More Picked Up The Most Lovely Indian Escorts To Its India Live Chatting Network, a premier chatting portal that offers web cam chatting services to adult male patrons, recently hired some of the most glamorous Indian escorts for its live chat community., a top Indian chat portal that has been serving indian chat rooms enthusiasts since its inception, recently brought onboard some of the most glamorous India cam chat models for making its online chatting community more attractive for its patrons, many of whom have signed up on the chatting portal only to chat with Indian divas in real time. The Indian escorts hired by the India live chat portal are experienced entertainers who can ensure that the patrons get the pure Girlfriend Experience’ while chatting, the web administrators of revealed.

“Girlfriend Experience or GFE is a coinage of the escort industry. It means that the male patrons will get the taste of chatting online with an actual girlfriend, while it is not actually the case. The India live chat models featured on our web chat portal are so gracious and sociable that they can instantly start chatting with complete strangers in a way as if they know their male patrons for years together. This breaks the ice in any erotic conversation and our male patrons instantly feel at ease while chatting in real time with our Indian glamour models”, said a top executive.

He said that they have found many young talents from India who used to work with several different escort agencies in India. These escort agencies, according to them, belong to the upscale prostitution industry in the country and their clients are mostly based out of Indian big cities, with both Indians and foreigners included. He also added that the wealth of experience the India live chat girls bring with them would be a big plus for, an online chatting portal that has been growing steadily as a community over the past few months.

“There’s no stopping here for us, as we plan to hire many more Indian glamorous models for our live web chat portal. We believe that the India web chat models joining our web chat portal and community would boost our popularity in the future”, said the CEO and chief web administrator of

About the Company is a popular webcam chat portal. To know more, Check Here

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